Une course pour la SP 2024 – Concours d’art


Embarquez pour un extraordinaire voyage créatif alors que je me lance dans la tâche gargantuesque de courir les 1400 km captivants de la Ring Road Islandaise – un effort physique et mental dédié à la sensibilisation et à la collecte de fonds essentiels pour la lutte contre la sclérose en plaques. Par les panorama à couper le souffle de l’Islande, mon équipe de tournage dévouée capturera l’essence de cette île remarquable, mettant de l’avant des paysages parmi les plus impressionnants au monde.

En collaboration avec des partenaires, tels que la Galerie d’Art Carré des Artistes, Bravewerk, Café Lali et Green Horizon, je suis ravi d’annoncer ce concours d’art. Ce concours invite des artistes talentueux du Canada et des Étas-Unis à participer et à insuffler leur créativité dans cette noble cause.

Frais d’inscription : 35.00$ (+taxes applicables)

 Embark on an extraordinary creative journey as I undertake the challenging task of running Iceland's captivating 1400 km Ring Road—a physical and mental endeavor dedicated to raising awareness and vital funds for the fight against multiple sclerosis. Against the backdrop of Iceland's breathtaking landscapes, my dedicated film crew will capture the essence of this remarkable island, showcasing some of the world's most awe-inspiring vistas.

In collaboration with partners, including the Carré des Artistes Art Gallery, Bravewerk, Café Lali, and Green Horizon, I am delighted to announce an open art competition. This contest invites talented artists from across Canada to participate and infuse their creativity into this noble cause.

Competition Guidelines:

  • Eligibility: Open to all artists based in Canada and the US, eager to exhibit their artistic prowess.
  • Submission Criteria: Entrants are tasked with selecting a photograph captured by my film crew and transforming it into a painting that embodies their unique interpretation. While all painting techniques are welcome, submissions must adhere to a standardized size of 12 inches by 12 inches.


  • Commencement: The competition commences upon my return from Iceland, estimated around June 25th, 2024. At that time, a selection of high-resolution photographs will be posted on this page.
  • Registration: ALL artists must register by May 1st, 2024 - 11:59 pm.
  • Submission Deadline: All artwork must reach the Carré des Artistes Art Gallery no later than September 1, 2024, by 4:00 pm.
  • Exhibition: Beginning on September 15th, 2024, a captivating three-week exhibition, both physical and virtual, will be held at the Carré des Artistes Art Gallery, showcasing all received artworks. Throughout the exhibition, the public, whether in person or online, will have the opportunity to cast their votes for their favorite piece.
  • Winner's Recognition: The winning artist will be bestowed with the prestigious honor of having their artwork permanently displayed at the gallery, until either sold or reclaimed by the artist after a three-month period.

Entry Fee:

A nominal entry fee of $35.00 (+ applicable taxes) is required for participation and can be conveniently submitted via the provided website registration form.

Shipping of the art piece from and back to the artist are at artist's expense (please make sure that you have properly evaluated the shipping costs).


Wishing all participants the very best of luck in this inspiring endeavor.



Patrick Michel